Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roosevelt Lake

A few weeks ago my family went to Roosevelt Lake and it was so fun.  We went with are friends the Jorgensens and the Robisons.  The Jorgensens have a boat and they rented an RV from their friends.  The first day we just played in the water and looked for rocks and shells and played in the mud.  Then went on a little boat ride.  It was amazing, I loved it.  The second day we went on another boat ride and that tured into a skiing trip. When we went skiing, the water was so so cold. Everybody in my family got up on the ski's and had a lot of fun. Also, we went tubing.  My friend Emma, mcKenna, Libby, and I went first.  It was so fun but we didnt do it right so we tipped and my lifevest was not zipped.  So I went again.  We went so fast we could barely hold on. We swallowed a lot of are own waves.  Then about 5 minutes later we finally tipped over.   My friend Emma and I  boncked heads and accidenally kicked eachother in the throat.  We both started crying.  Later that day we went to the Marina to get gas for the boat.  We got ice cream and played, then fed catfish and minnows.  Then we went back to the RV and went to bed.  The last day we went out again on the boat and did our last ski runs.  Macie and I decided we wanted to try to wake board for the first time. It was so fun.  McKenna helped she is a pro at wake bording. Macie got up for like 50 seconds i got up for like 5 minutes.  It was so fun and then we drove home with the Robisons.     

I hope you liked my story.  

love always, SKYSTHELIMIT :0) :0) :0)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crazy November 13th 2010

Yesterday morning my sister marisa was in the gilbert day parade. It was cool but long.  she really stood out.  ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!  then my cousins cousins came to are house to come to the our new gilbert temple groundbreaking.  So we parked at john ryan's house and then walked.  When we got there thousands of people were already there.  When our friends got there they sat with us on our blankets.  It was really smooshy.  The member of the 70, Elder Costa (who is from Brazil and talks silly) and his wife talked about the temple in Sao Paulo which is where my grandpa and grandma live and work.  When he said the prayer on the temple ground he talked a lot about the children going through the gilbert temple.  It was cool.  After the ceremony we went up to meet Elder Costa  and he told us that he was friends with my grandparents and that his son works for my grandpa!  It was so awesome that elder Costa was in charge of the whole thing and that he was from Brazil and that he was really nice and he has really white hair and we got to turn the shovel of the groundbreaking. it was so cool and fun.  That was my crazy Saturday.                                            

                 Sincerely, Skys The Limit!!!!!!!!!

First time pitching

So this year I played softball and i got to pitch for the first time!!!  It was so fun and scary.  I pitched a little crazy sometimes but got some strikes and some people out!!!  I think I need a little more help from my aunt lisa!!!!!

halloween a month late

Halloween was very fun. I loved it handing out pieces of candy wearing my costume (black widow).  It was also fun having Collin and Claire over. Collin was a skeleton, wyatt was a math matishion, the triplets were the three little pigs and claire wasn't anything this year. I loved spending the  night with them it was so fun i had a amazing/ awesome time. I liked looking at everybody's costume and trying to guess what they are. we carved pumpkins this year and made mario and got the most comments ever.  My dad did them they were difficult but awesome.  That was my fun night.                   

sincerely, skys the limit 

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Dads birthday 5 days late

My dad had a fabulious b-day on the third. This was his schedule for his b-day went to work  went out to lunch with friends came home went to mail box picked us up from the bus stop. Went to Carabas. Opened presents had ice cream and cookies. And that was his day he loved it. Now he is thirty-five.       HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U:) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3                  sincerely, SKYS THE LIMIT it's true!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Break (a little late)

over fall break i drove to california it was very boring! the next day we went to sea world both of my grandparents and all of my aunts and uncles and all cousins on my dads side were there. juju and bernie  (my moms parents) tried to steal my chocolate cake that i got at mama stella's i said back off people it's mine. after lunch we went to go feed the dolphins they were so cute and our dolphins name was beaker she just had a baby twenty-eight years old. then we saw a lot of other shows.the next day sunday we went to my cousins baby blessing (Claire) it was so fun. after that my cousins went back to vegas. then we drove to the disneyland hotel and checked in.  we met up with bernie and juju and went to two different water slides and then walked downtown disney.  we got carmel and chocolate apples, they were so good. it was really cool and it was everybody's first time at the hotel. that night we ordered pizza and watched fire works it was yummy and cool. the next day monday we went to disneyland for sixteen hours it was so tiring. on tuesday we did the same thing but only for eight hours with eden and charlie and la. then we checked out and went to outback for dinner and then went back to arizona and started school again. i had a wonderful time seeing my cousins and grandparents (even though they tried to steal my chocolate cake!!!)